Cesáreo Marqués Valle

In 1985 Cesáreo Marqués Valle took over from “Totó”, reciter for 32 years of the pixueto lay sermon L’Amuravela. “Totó” presented it in L’Amuravela of 1984 in the following way:

I already have a substitute
that you have to do it rightly:
Christian, pixueto and young,
I hope you receive him
with love and with pleasure.

In 1995 he assumed the responsibility of also being its author. It has been in his words “a decision taken with the aim that Cudillero never runs out of L’Amuravela”.

In addition to being the author and reciter of L’Amuravela, he was also the reciter, from 1980 to 2018, of one of the most beloved religious acts during Holy Week in Cudillero: El Calvario, which takes place on the night of Holy Thursday.

In 2005 he was distinguished by the Selgas Institute with the Diploma of Honor, an award that distinguishes the person or entity that has stood out for its activities in favor of education or culture in Cudillero and Muros de Nalón.

In August 2006, within the 4th Edition of the Asturian Costumbrista Theater Awards organized by the Cultural Center “Teatro Prendes” of Candás receives the Honorary Award “Aurora Sánchez”.

On June 29, 2007, he received the Prize of the Brotherhood of Jesus Nazarene and San Pedro Apóstol de Cudillero.

On April 5, 2009, he received the Scholarship and the Diploma of Honor of the Selgas de Cudillero Alumni Association for the work he has developed in favor of culture in the council of Cudillero.

The City Council of Cudillero gives him the title of HONORARY CITIZEN during the extraordinary plenary session held on September 5, 2009. In this way, the corporation recognizes him “the selfless work in defense of the culture and traditions of Pixuetas, a work that has contributed significantly to the dissemination of L’Amuravela as one of the most typical and specific customs of the municipality”.

That same day and on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of Asturias in the capital of the council, the City Council of Cudillero has published a book in which the first fifteen sermons of L’Amuravela are collected, from 1995 to 2009, written and recited by Cesáreo Marqués.