Elvira Bravo Fernández-Ahúja

Born in Cudillero on December 3, 1892. Daughter of Otilia Fernández-Ahuja and Agustín Bravo, “Roque”, illustrated pharmacist of many Asturian publications, writer of prose and verse.

Honorary Citizen of Cudillero, in 1985.

Piano teacher, graduated from the Madrid Conservatory. She was the director of various cultural groups in the town of Cudillero, Theater, Coral and Folklore, one of them bearing her name. Very knowledgeable about the pixueto culture, its customs, its people and its history. Thanks to her work, many pixueto dances and traditions have been recovered and maintained, such as dances, giraldillas, Christmas carols, “Perlindango” (the most typical and exclusive dance of Cudillero), “Temperendengue”, “La Red”, etc., all of them with a inimitable style and grace.

She has been the author of writings referring to typical pixueto prints, as well as studies, essays and poems, such as “La Puerta del Cielo”, “La Cacaina”, “Pixueta Dialectology”, “A San Pedro Apóstol”, “Cudillero”, etc.

From 1947 until her death in 1986, she was the author of the L’Amuravela Sermon. She never came down from San Pedro in the morning to listen to it, because according to her words, “I don’t like when people say that I made it… San Pedro and the people make it.”