What is L'Amuravela?

L'Amuravela is a lay sermon, a half-religious and half-profane tradition inherited from generation to generation as a demonstration of the special devotion that the Pixueto people feel for their Patron Saint Peter and consisting of two parts, the story to the Saint and the greeting maneuver.

Where is L'Amuravela celebrated?

L'Amuravela is one of the oldest customs of Cudillero (Principality of Asturias) and is held in the Ribera next to the Plaza del Sable, in the heart of the old village.

It is recommended to leave your car at the parking area of the harbour (exit 431 of highway A-8) and take a walk for 5 minutes to the final location, along which you can admire the old harbour, the lighthouse and the anfitheatre of Cudillero.

How to get to L'Amuravela by car?

When is L'Amuravela celebrated?

L'Amuravela is celebrated during the patron saint festivities of Cudillero, every year on the day of San Pedro, on June 29th.

The date of the next Amuravela is:

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History of L'Amuravela

It is not known exactly when this tradition began. According to various comments and studies, it could date from more than 400 years ago (around 1569), when the construction of the church took place under the invocation of Saint Peter.

During that time the sailors who accompanied D. Alvaro Men茅ndez in the Conquest of Florida had returned, who embarked on a ship built in Cudillero, 鈥淓l Esp铆ritu Santo鈥. During that trip they learned the greeting that was made to the admiral and wanted to do the same with their Patron Saint...

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Every Amuravela since 1946

Over the years, the Amuravelas have been collected and digitized since 1946 to guarantee their prevalence over time and allow this tradition to be shared with the rest of the world.

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Authors of L'Amuravela throughout history

There have been many authors throughout the centuries of L'Amuravela, currently records of few in recent history are preserved, the rest of the information is fragmented or has been lost forever.

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Reciters of L'Amuravela throughout history

On multiple occasions the person who recites L'Amuravela is not the author of it, so the person who authors it and the person who recites it out.

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L'Amuravela is a sermon to update St. Peter on the events of the last year. Do you have any news, gossip or suggestions? Leave them here directly to Amuravelas's author anonymously!

隆Amura vela! 隆Isa vela!
隆Fuego a babor!隆Fuego a estribor!
隆隆隆Viva Pedro!!!